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The Pre-Exam Tutorial

I held a pre-exam tutorial for my second year class yesterday – at their request. So I arrive into class, the students get out their pens and paper and just sit there – waiting. Silence. “Ok”, I say, “What are … Continue reading

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Reducing entry routes to third level

Some time ago the IUA set up a task group to examine the broad issue of entry to third level education. One of the numerous stated aims of that group is to reduce the number of denominated programmes in the … Continue reading

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Grade Deflation

Consider the data presented below. It’s a plot of the percentage of H1 and H2.1 degrees from a single third level programme over an 11 year period versus median CAO Points at entry. The lack of any correlation between the … Continue reading

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Defining Quality in Third Level Education

In a recent, thought-provoking blog, Ferdinand Von Prondzynski pointed out that we currently have no real definition of quality in the third level sector. He also made the important point that constantly saying that the sector has maintained quality while … Continue reading

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Education, the Public Good and Ryanair

Every now and then there is some activity in the education sphere that centres on the notion that education is a ‘public good’. I have to say that I find the notion of a ‘public good’ somewhat confusing – I … Continue reading

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The TA Concept – A PhD Student’s perspective

My second guest post comes from Tríona O’Connell, a PhD student in the School of Biotechnology here in DCU. This is a reply to my recent post in which I suggested that Irish PhD students become more involved in undergraduate … Continue reading

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Hijacking Education

Recently the third level teachers’ union, IFUT, has been highlighting the high rates of emigration among graduates. At the same time it is calling for increased investment in education and a strategy to deal with the emigration problem. Maybe I’m … Continue reading

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