The road to STEAM

Mary gets a degree in a traditional discipline.

Mary gets her first job and it’s right in the middle of her discipline.

After a few years, Mary moves ‘sideways’ and starts to drift away from her discipline.

Mary does a postgraduate degree in a completely different discipline.

Mary changes job again and moves even further away from her original discipline.

As years go by, links to original discipline almost disappear.

Mary now has a broad perspective built up over her long career. She can approach problems from many angles.

Mary now becomes an education ‘expert’ and writes newspaper articles in which she argues that students need a broad perspective. She promotes multidisciplinary degree programmes and thinks that STEAM is a great idea.

Mary has forgotten.


About Greg Foley

A lecturer in Biotechnology in Dublin City University for more than 25 years. Trained as a Chemical Engineer in UCD (BE and PhD) and Cornell (MS). Does research on analysis and design of membrane filtration systems.
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