So I’m a professor now!

Last week we got an email from our HR department informing us that we are adopting the American ‘professor’ system of academic titles. So now I’m an Associate Professor! Personally, I’m glad this change has been made and it’s not because I’ve always fancied being a professor. No, it’s more to do with the fact that the ‘lecturer’ title is inaccurate; it does not convey what academics actually do.

Last academic year, for example, I gave about 98 lectures. Even if every lecture required, say, 4 hours of additional work (preparation, problem sets and solutions, assessments etc.), my effective lecturing time would only amount to about 25% of my total working time, which involves laboratory teaching, project supervision, personal research and administration. And meetings; lots of them.

Hopefully one of the (long term) benefits of this change will be a decline in the number of people who say “it must be great to have the summer off”.


About Greg Foley

A lecturer in Biotechnology in Dublin City University for more than 25 years. Trained as a Chemical Engineer in UCD (BE and PhD) and Cornell (MS). Does research on analysis and design of membrane filtration systems.
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2 Responses to So I’m a professor now!

  1. john kelly says:

    Congratulations Professor Greg,

    I knew you’d make it some day,

    Sad about Dermot, but looks like he’ll make it,

    Professor Emeritus John Kelly University College Dublin


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