The changing language of education


 Term What it means today What it used to mean
Coding Computer programming Something a spy might have done
Learner Student/Pupil A person learning to drive a car
Engaged Could mean anything What you became before you got married
Formative A kind of assessment What happened when you were young as in ‘formative years’
Summative A kind of assessment Sounds a bit ‘made-up’ doesn’t it?
Inquiry An approach to learning A kind of investigation usually of a legal nature
Discovery An approach to learning A TV channel
Grit Perseverance and some other ill-defined stuff Part of the title of a John Wayne movie
Growth Self-improvement Something that happened to plants and crops
Teaching Educating at all levels Educating at a level below third level
Self-regulation Independently planning, monitoring and assessing your own learning – or something Something that lawyers and doctors did
Rote learning Remembering Learning stuff off by heart – could be good or bad
Intelligence Anything you’re good at Usually an attribute associated with academic success
Skills Things employers say they want Something Diego Maradona had
Problem-solvers All graduates Mainly engineers
Transforming A benefit of education What was happening to Bruce Banner when he turned green
Passion Being interested in something Being in love
Bloom Education theorist What flowers did
Finland Educational paradise A country with a lot of  rally drivers
PISA Education testing system run by the OECD A town with a leaning tower
STEM Science, technology, engineering and maths Flowers again
STEAM Everything Stuff that comes out of a kettle
21st Century Brand new era requiring a revolution in education The century after the 20th

About Greg Foley

A lecturer in Biotechnology in Dublin City University for more than 25 years. Trained as a Chemical Engineer in UCD (BE and PhD) and Cornell (MS). Does research on analysis and design of membrane filtration systems.
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4 Responses to The changing language of education

  1. john kelly says:

    Great stuff Greg

    How about ?

    Class Where you were taught things As in : Are you some class of an ejit ?

    Profession The taking of vows, as a nun say What you get after you leave the university

    Scholar a boy at school Leading expert in his discipline

    et cetera !


  2. Its just part of managerialism. The part that relates to creating mystique through synthesising exclusionary language and disseminating it through appropriate channels on a need to know basis going forward.
    Add to that:
    fourth level Ireland
    Hubs and spokes and corridors
    getting traction
    living laboratories for xxxx…
    built environments
    change management

    This lexicon I find useful as a way of differentiating practitioners from the ecosystem of PR people, administrators, media people, consultants (like yours truly) and other parasites who are paid to peddle dreams.

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