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Sorry students, you need to work harder

This is data extracted from Students just aren’t working hard enough and they don’t seem to know how to study other than learn by rote. Advertisements

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The algebra crisis

Ploughing through exam scripts today, I am going through the usual mix of the excellent, the average and the truly awful. Here’s a question: How does somebody go through six years of secondary school and one year of college and still commit … Continue reading

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The Pre-Exam Tutorial

I held a pre-exam tutorial for my second year class yesterday – at their request. So I arrive into class, the students get out their pens and paper and just sit there – waiting. Silence. “Ok”, I say, “What are … Continue reading

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2015 and a return to knowledge

In the last few years, an increasing number of educationalists have started to question many of the trends, and fads, that have dominated education in the last decade or two. Daniel Willingham, Ed Hirsch Jr., Daisy Christodoulou, Robert Peal and many … Continue reading

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