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Maths and Applied Maths in the Leaving Cert

I wrote this a few years ago. I’m not sure if I posted here before but it’s topical again, so here goes. Finally it is being recognised that we have two Leaving Cert Maths courses; Mathematics (Project Maths that is) … Continue reading

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State Funding and Curiosity-Driven Research

Today, Dick Ahlstrom bemoans the lack of a clear policy for research funding in Ireland. I’m not sure I would agree that there is no policy. It’s just that the existing policy sees state-funded science purely as a short-term mechanism … Continue reading

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Caricaturing Third Level Education

The ongoing debate in the media about the proposed changes to the Junior Cert is interesting for all sorts of reasons. But one aspect that has caught my eye is the impression I get that many people’s perception of third level education … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the flipped classroom

This year I had hoped to teach a couple of my courses using a flipped classroom approach. I’ve always incorporated a bit of ‘active learning’ into my lectures so going completely ‘flipped’ was a logical progression. But if flipping the … Continue reading

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Why School-Based Assessment is Inevitable

Yesterday I was giving a lecture on ultrafiltration where I derived a mathematical equation for the time required to ultrafilter a solution – I know, exciting stuff. I’ve been doing this problem for years. The thing about this equation is … Continue reading

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