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Education, Work and Jackie L.

When Jackie Lavin made her ill-fated appearance on RTE’s Prime Time, she actually did education some service. One of her key points – albeit clumsily made – was that students spend too long at college, only to end up ‘not … Continue reading

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Education and Johnny Giles

If you read a lot about education there are times when your head goes into a spin: so many philosophies, so many ‘best practices’, so many innovations. It’s at these times that I think about what John Giles might say … Continue reading

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Extenuating Circumstances

Sitting beside one of my colleagues at an exam board meeting the other day, I noticed that she had a list of students who had submitted ‘extenuating circumstances’ documentation on foot of absences or poor exam performance. It was a … Continue reading

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Teaching, learning and personality

Over the years I have taught quite a few people with ‘unusual’ personalities. In some cases, these have been people with diagnosed conditions such as Asperger Syndrome. In others, it has been people who were highly anxious, people prone to … Continue reading

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Inverse ageism in higher education

I was tempted to title this post “Jackie Lavin ate my hamster” – it would have ensured a lot of  hits – but that particular furore is for another day when the dust has settled. Anyway, having just read  the EU report … Continue reading

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Grade Inflation and Marking

There has been much discussion in recent weeks about ‘grade inflation’, the implication being that the improvement in grades at third level, especially first class honours grades, reflects a drop in standards. I have said before in this blog that … Continue reading

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Michael O Connell – An Appreciation

One of the dangers of writing a blog is that you can get too fond of the sound of your own voice. The temptation is to make the blog about you rather than issues of substance. Hopefully I have avoided … Continue reading

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