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The disappearing 2.1

Some time ago I began to see a strange shift in the distribution of exam marks. So, one recent year, I examined the exam marks for a total of seven modules in related subjects. All the modules were quantitative and … Continue reading

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Moving on and teaching with Apps

Shakespeare talked about “tides in the affairs of men” suggesting that “we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures”. The problem is that in the case of education we are fighting the current and the current … Continue reading

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A Tale from the Teaching Lab

Me: Have you noticed that your semi-log plots are non-linear at short times, giving a negative intercept ? Student: Oh, yeah, they’re all a bit like that. Me: Any idea why that might be? Student: No There follows a brief … Continue reading

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Creating a decent learning environment

A very good comment was made on this blog last week about the poor quality of the third level learning environment. It reminded me of something I had written on this topic in my ebook. Here it is……. There is … Continue reading

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The Knowledge ‘Cult’ and ‘Grand Challenges’

If you spend any time reading about higher education you will invariably come across the idea that, apart from education, the raison d’etre of ‘the university’ is the creation/discovery of knowledge. Being quite an intellectually curious person myself I have … Continue reading

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The Independent Learning Scam

One aspect of the move to the modularised-semesterised system which younger academics may not be aware of is that it was accompanied by a very significant reduction in content and contact time – at least in DCU where we had … Continue reading

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String theory, autism, and third level clusters

“And he grow old That knight so bold And o’er his heart a shadow Fell as he found No piece of ground That looked like El Dorado” If you’re a fan of John Wayne movies, you’ll be familiar with these … Continue reading

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