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The University ‘Scam’

  Although I kind of agree that university education has become ‘a confidence trick and a scam’, I suspect I agree for different reasons from those given by academics who have signed up to DCU’s Defend the University campaign. At … Continue reading

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Do engineers and scientists give a sh**?

The DCU-led ‘Defend the University’ petition is gathering pace and has over 130 signatures at this point. I had a look at who has been signing the petition. I took a sample of 60 people and included only academics who … Continue reading

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The Ronnie Munck Questions Answered

  Here are my ‘answers’ to the Ronnie Munck questions. Apologies for the length!   1. Is the university a public good and if so, what does that mean? What level of industry input in its teaching and research agendas … Continue reading

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Defining the University

  A set of principles for the Irish university was recently produced in DCU by a group of academics. A petition has been organised to provide support for these principles. For me, the principles are hopelessly inadequate – far too … Continue reading

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