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10 Reasons I Love Academia

Most people are now aware of this letter of resignation by an EPFL  PhD student. The letter has had enormous impact. In the resignation, the student, who was supposedly within months of completing his PhD, outlined his reasons for his … Continue reading

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Religion in Schools – Anti-Education in Action

My son has just started school. I’m not religious (but not anti-religion), neither is my wife and our son is not baptised. But the local National School  is just 200 metres away and it makes perfect sense for him to … Continue reading

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IoTs, TUs and finding your Level

  You’ll have to bear with me on this one – I’ll get to the point eventually! I have a nephew – Gary – and he’s a fantastic rugby player. In fact, he’s an all-round fantastic lad but of course … Continue reading

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Where to Publish?

This blog has had just over 17,000 hits mark. (Thanks everybody!) That’s a hell of a lot more than the combined citations from my 30 or so papers in international journals. Mind you, many people have probably looked at my … Continue reading

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Adding Value to Academic Research

First things first: I think research is a vital part of university life and plays a key role in a university’s ability to deliver on its educational mission. It’s partly an intangible sort of thing and the best way to … Continue reading

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What’s going on in Trinity?

  Something weird was pointed out to me over the weekend and I think it’s worth sharing. It has to do with random selection within the CAO system. For some courses where the places available are limited, the universities use … Continue reading

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