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University Bingo

The Irish Times recently looked at six of the seven universities (they left one out for some reason) and decided to characterise each by three words. The words chosen are shown below where each row represents a university. Enormous Expert … Continue reading

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Harris and the Germans

  The last week has seen two different assaults on academics and the education system. Eoghan Harris wrote a venom–laden column in which he, somewhat bizarrely, seemed to blame the academic ‘class’ for the current trend towards mass third level … Continue reading

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The Leaving Cert in 6 Sentences

  Irish society is obsessed with third level education. Therefore:  The sole (well almost!) purpose of the Leaving Cert is to be an entrance exam for Third Level. Therefore: The Leaving Cert is a high-stakes exam and assessment must be … Continue reading

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HEA Plans

And so details of the HEA plans for the ‘clustered’ approach to the third level system are emerging. I heard Tom Boland on the radio yesterday and although I don’t agree with everything that he said, a lot of what … Continue reading

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Education at MacGill

There was a session devoted to education at the MacGill Summer School in Donegal and speakers included The Minister, Ruari Quinn, eminent academic, Brigid Laffan and our President here in DCU, Brian MacCraith. The Minister’s speech was disappointing. What I … Continue reading

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In praise of administrators

It is commonplace for commentators of all kinds to disparage administration and administrators – “They spend 50% of their income of administration!” scream the critics. But administration is important and if done well it can be a huge asset to … Continue reading

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