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Cheerleading for Science

This article by Dick Ahlstrom in the Irish Times is typical of the sort of stuff you read in the papers and it’s basically little more than propaganda. I’m as pro-science as the next guy and I think that scientific … Continue reading

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The myth of computer literacy

It is quite easy to assume that the modern student is computer literate.  Indeed, when you see students operate their mobile devices and when they reveal their knowledge of the internet, you automatically tend to assume that they are miles … Continue reading

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The 21st century and all that sh**e

The 21st century is radically different. We now live in a globalised world. Everything and everybody is connected. We are part of a vast global network. There are six billion mobile phones in the world! The workplace of this century … Continue reading

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The IT skills gap and education policy

The IT skills gap is in the news again with the usual points being made about the lack of suitably qualified people to take up positions in the IT sector. This has been pointed out repeatedly over the last decade … Continue reading

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Experience with a MOOC

I’m currently doing a MOOC on Drug Discovery. The 9-week course is delivered by academics from the School of Pharmacy in the University of San Diego. It’s a topic in which I have both an academic interest and a personal … Continue reading

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