Student Emails

I get a lot of emails from students these days and they range from the incredibly nice to the witty to the incoherent to the accusatory. Here are some amusing examples (exactly as written but with names removed). I should say that I have never actually pointed out to students that they should write emails in decent English so the quality of these emails is partly a reflection of my negligence. By the way, all of the emails are from native English speakers.



My schedule is full of lab, however there are plenty of times during them when Im free and can leave. However I cant accurately say when these times are. If you could let me know wat times suit you best, and ill try leave the lab and meet you.


Dear Greg

Im afraid I will not be able to attend the exam at the new date as I have to appear in court as a witness.


dear greg

i am smothering with a cold or flu or something. i do not think i will be able to make your exam tomorrow is it possible if i can sit the exam a different day


Hi Greg,

all of our other lectures for tomo are cancelled, so if you are free tomo for the tutorial at 10 it would be brilliant to get it done and finish up early..


Dear Dr Foley,

Can you let me know when and where the fluid flow exam is? I have been ill recently and am a little out of touch.


heya greg. i felt i did quite badly on the fluid flow exam 2day. i wanted to explain to ya that it was because i didn’t read the beginning of the page properly and missed that the values for density and viscosity were giving. i think i would have done considerably better if i had have noticed it. Especially questions 1, 4 and 5. i don’t think it accurately displayed my ability. apoligies


hi greg,

the group im in is having problems with the report, we are struggling with the middle part and the drawing of the design. I was just wondering if  there is any chance of an extension on the deadline like to monday. We called up to your office yesterday but you weren’t there.


Dear Greg,

I asked you previously about a good book on bioprocess engeneering. Can you please send me the reference you mentioned previously as it has slipped my mind.


hey greg happy new year

i was just wondering what date in jan/feb does semester 2 begin?


Hello Greg,

Can we please have the tutorial on 13th instead as we are having a tutorial with TR as well on 13th at 11 am.. if 12 or 10am suits you on 13th then it would be perfect as we students dont have to come to college on two days just for an hour…


Hi Grey am not happy with the results i got in the fluid flow exam and I am just wondering is there any opportunity for me to do the exam again.


good god greg those marks were low

was it this bad last year?


thanks greg
maybe i just wrote crap on the paper but i didnt think i did that badly


Hi Greg,

Will you be able to put up solutions to the 2011-2012 exam papers. It would be really helpful as JL has also done this for us using moodle


Hi Greg,

In question 3 of the revision problems is Y meant to be equal to mx not mx^2 because you have given us a similar question like that before. Thanks,


Hi Greg,

Good morning. Im answering the revision sheet and im kinda stuck on prob 4 on DEF. I was thinking if I should use the initial pressure and t=20 to find the initial volume and get the flux or get the difference between the two pressures and use that to get the volume and the flux. I hope you’re not too busy.


good afternoon Greg,

I’m sorry I couldn’t meet up with you last week. I had a lot going on.



Just sitting around after work, thinking, jesus I wish I was back in college! This Craic of leaving work behind at the door at the end of the day is boring the hole off me. Considering getting out one of the old maths for engineers books and working through it. hope all is well with you and everyone above.


Your favourites welcome!




About Greg Foley

A lecturer in Biotechnology in Dublin City University for more than 25 years. Trained as a Chemical Engineer in UCD (BE and PhD) and Cornell (MS). Does research on analysis and design of membrane filtration systems.
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