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University Autonomy and Structural Change

Academics are very fond of autonomy. The vast majority would be of the view that universities are best left to run themselves with little or no interference from politicians, civil servants or other bureaucrats. There is a lot to be … Continue reading

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More disappointing stuff from the HEA

There has been a flurry of documents from the HEA recently, the latest being this one on Completing the Landscape Process for Higher Education. I’m very conscious that it’s easy to sit back and criticise but one has to wonder … Continue reading

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Student Emails

I get a lot of emails from students these days and they range from the incredibly nice to the witty to the incoherent to the accusatory. Here are some amusing examples (exactly as written but with names removed). I should … Continue reading

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We are where we are

How did third level education get so complicated? It should be simple. An organised and enthusiastic lecturer guiding motivated students through the learning process. But it’s not and here’s my take on how ‘we are where we are’.   Most … Continue reading

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Thank God for Research

I met one of my colleagues on the stairs just before Christmas and he just turned to me and said “I hate this f***ing job!” Of course, he didn’t mean all of it – he meant the teaching and the … Continue reading

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