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Filling the gap in the Technology Sector

The fact that there are over 4500 vacancies in the ICT sector is interesting and worrying. There seems to be a view in industry that not enough Irish graduates are up to the mark and this stems from the relative … Continue reading

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Restructuring the third level sector

The whole question of restructuring the third level sector is in the news these days. The Minister wants reform and less duplication of courses. Who can argue with that? All very reasonable. Actually, I recently had a quick glance at … Continue reading

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Research funding – making the argument

The whole science funding debate is in the news again, sparked by the amalgamation of the positions of Government Science Advisor and Director of the SFI. There have been the usual responses from those working in pure research and some … Continue reading

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Those who do, can’t teach.

A few conversations I have had recently have convinced me that an awful lot of people, especially those working in the private sector, have little respect for academics. We are still seen as inhabiting an ivory tower, giving a lecture … Continue reading

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