Research and Hospitals – who benefits?

The proposed location for the National Children’s hospital is in the news a lot these days. Every possible site seems to have its advantages and disadvantages.

The argument that the hospital should be co-located with a major research centre has been made more than once. And, there seems to be international evidence for the wisdom of this concept.

But, are we in chicken and egg territory here? I can recall quite a few conversations in DCU in which our lack of a medical school was lamented as being a major impediment to the development of our biomedical research.

The argument seems to have been that access to a medical school and patients (I presume) would benefit us.

Jack Riordan, first author on the 1989 Science paper in which the discovery of the CF gene was announced, once said: “The disease has done more for science than science has done for the disease”.

So, does the hospital need to be beside the research or does the research need to be beside the hospital?


About Greg Foley

A lecturer in Biotechnology in Dublin City University for more than 25 years. Trained as a Chemical Engineer in UCD (BE and PhD) and Cornell (MS). Does research on analysis and design of membrane filtration systems.
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2 Responses to Research and Hospitals – who benefits?

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  2. A Dowsett says:

    On Hubs and hospitals – I think you’re a bit dismissive of the benefits of geographical proximity. Isn’t it the difference between a day at the office and a day working from home?


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