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Research and Hospitals – who benefits?

The proposed location for the National Children’s hospital is in the news a lot these days. Every possible site seems to have its advantages and disadvantages. The argument that the hospital should be co-located with a major research centre has … Continue reading

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A few random comments

I have spent the whole day setting exam questions and I’m brain dead. So for light relief (for me at least), here are some thoughts………….. Continuous Assessment Only for the fact that I wish to be cremated (when dead!), I … Continue reading

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Spending on Education

In amongst the rather bizarre, pizza-centred, ramblings of Marc Coleman’s recent column was a serious point about funding for education. How much should a state spend on education? And, more importantly, where should it spend its education budget? Education is … Continue reading

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Does anyone really enjoy teaching at third level?

I have a theory, probably not very controversial, and it is this: The vast majority of academics in the third level sector would prefer to do no teaching. Now, I think I ‘like’ teaching as much as anyone, but three … Continue reading

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Engineering Research

John Kelly makes a plea for more funding for engineering research in the IT recently and I imagine that the ‘basic researchers’ will be quick out of the blocks to put him in his place. Prof. Brian Lucey, of Trinity … Continue reading

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