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Solving the maths problem

I was going to write about something else entirely today but reading this article on the maths deficit via Ninth Level Ireland got me thinking about the whole maths thing again.  Instead of ranting about the usual, predictable suggestions made … Continue reading

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Rote Learning can be Good

  I’ve been doing a bit of ‘light’ reading in the whole area of cognitive science and it really is an interesting subject. Reading in this area makes me realise how many of us don’t really know what the hell … Continue reading

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More on basic research

  There is a lot of activity in the IT letters page following on from Peter Gallagher and Emma Teelings original letter bemoaning the de-emphasising of basic research in the government funding programs. Here are some comments that I have … Continue reading

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Research: Basic versus Applied

The IT letter by Peter Gallagher and Emma Teeling reminds me of a small bit of bother I got into back in the early nineties. At the time, the Irish Research Scientists Association was pushing the basic research agenda and … Continue reading

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