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Exam Time

I’m just coming to the end of marking for the first semester. What a tedious task it is! I have small classes (20-30 students) so I can’t imagine what it’s like marking a first year module with a couple of … Continue reading

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Science: nature versus nurture

Why are more school leavers not interested in pursuing maths, science and engineering at third level? Why are people very prone to believing in pseudoscience, especially in the medical area? These phenomena are usually explained as being a failure of  … Continue reading

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WIT / Carlow to be a Technological University

Having worked in DCU since the NIHE* days, I’m very conscious of being too negative on the proposal to merge DIT and ITCarlow  into a Technological University. According to the WIT and ITCarlow websites there’s an awful lot of stuff … Continue reading

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Teaching on an interdisciplinary degree program

For all my career I’ve taught on an interdisciplinary degree program – the BSc in Biotechnology at DCU. Our program  contains about 35% mathematical material (chemical engineering and maths) and the rest is biology of all kinds.Getting the level of … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking and all that

Here’s the text of an article I wrote for an internal DCU journal. Given the announcement today ( of a large new study into enquiry based learning at second level, I thought it might be timely to reproduce it here. … Continue reading

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Croke Park Agreement

Just got my contract committing me to the Croke Park agreement. Very waffly and really contains nothing of any significance – most of us are doing all of the things in it anyway. It makes me wonder what all the … Continue reading

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